Crypto deals: list of best airdrops and giveaways

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Crypto deals: list of best airdrops and giveaways


Scroll down to the end the following table to obtain more informations about airdrops/giveaways and the meaning of each column.

Current and upcoming crypto airdrops and giveaways:

Join the airdrop now!
Where Prize (if you win)
JOIN AIRDROP Bitmart BestCryptOffers Win thousands of GQ Ends 01/02/2019
JOIN AIRDROP Bitrue BestCryptOffers Win thousands of crypto each day by filling a form Ends 12/24/2019
JOIN AIRDROP Indacoin BestCryptOffers Win 450 $ for the prediction of the price of XRP Ends 12/18/2019
JOIN AIRDROP Exmo BestCryptOffers Win a MacBook Pro / Iphone 11 Pro/XR / Airpods
JOIN AIRDROP BTC-Alpha BestCryptOffers Win 55 ALP for a review
JOIN AIRDROP Probit BestCryptOffers
  • Win BNC, KST
  • Win 50 ICC
  • For the first 2000 ProBit users
  • Ends 12/13/2019
JOIN AIRDROP Binance BestCryptOffers WinĀ  ETHBNT Ends 01/01/2020

What is an airdrop?

An airdrop can define by a promotional event organized by a cryptocurrency. This marketing tool aims to make the coin or the token popular by giving it freely.

I want to insist on the fact that it has to be totally free. If an airdrop asks you to pay something like Ethereum or Bitcoin, you’re not participating to an airdrop or a giveaway but to an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).


How to join an airdrop?

Even though an airdrop is free to join, you will have, most of the time, one or few little tasks in order to receive your crypto. So what sort of tasks can you be asked to do ?

  • To give your email or to subscribe to their newsletter.
  • To use your social media accounts:
    • Facebook : like/follow.
    • Twitter : like/follow/retweet.
    • LinkedIn.
    • Youtube: subscribe.
    • Reddit: subscribe/upvote.
    • Medium.
    • Telegram: subscribe.
  • To pass a KYC.
  • To verify your phone.
  • To install an application on your computer or mobile phone like a wallet.
  • To own a certain amount of crypto.
  • To register to a website.
  • To invite your friends to the airdrop (you will receive more crypto).

Listed tasks are sometimes cumulative. It means that:

  • Some airdrops will ask you to complete all tasks in order to get your reward.
  • Some airdrops attribute different amounts to each task. So even if you don’t complete all taks, you will receive a part of the reward.


Does it worth to join an airdrop or giveaway?

As they are free, I would answer “YES” to this question. Joining airdrops are just time-consuming, but don’t expect to make a lot of money! A large percentage of airdropped crypto will be valueless soon or later. As a consequence, if you don’t want to loose time, just focus on cryptocurrencies that have a good and interesting project behind.


About this table:

  • Join the airdrop now!

Click the button to be redirected to the website that propose the airdrop/giveaway.

  • Crypto description:

Short description about the project of the crypto.

  • Start/end date:

An airdrop is time-limited. You must join it between these two dates.


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