Crypto deals: list of best IEO

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Crypto deals: list of best IEO


Scroll down to the end the following table to obtain more informations about IEO and the meaning of each column.

Current and upcoming IEO:

Participate to this IEO
Exchange Crypto for sale
JOIN IEO Binance BestCryptOffers No IEO for the moment
JOIN IEO Exmo BestCryptOffers HP
JOIN IEO Latoken BestCryptOffers MOZOX, Karuschain, PixelBit, MONNOS, ASTRcoin, Azuma Games, Gleec, MLR, P88, Kauricrypto, Telecoin, Smart Trade Coin, Monetorb, Coin Island Air, C Estates, Zest.Fund, Clinicall Healthcare Com
JOIN IEO Probit BestCryptOffers PROB, NexxusCoin, MONNOS, NODE, StepChain, Pawtocol, SKYBIT


What are IEO?

Since 2013 with the Mastercoin, one of the most well-known and used ways to invest in cryptocurrencies has been the ICO, the “Initial Coin Offering”. This investment model has made it possible to finance many projects. Some of them have proved to be viable projects, others have turned out to be scams. As a result, investors gradually lost confidence in this investment scheme.

Recently, it has become more and more common to find these three letters IEO in the crypto-world. What do these initials mean? What are the differences with ICO?

As a reminder, ICOs, are a way of financing projects where investors receive tokens or coins in return for their financial contribution/purchase.

The initials IEO stands for “Initial Exchange Offering”. This is a new way of financing emerging projects. Instead of being financed directly by investors, developers present their project on an exchange platform which is responsible for gathering funds. These platforms serve as intermediaries.


  • IEO vs ICO: what are the advantages of IEO?

    • More liquidity:

The investor is now more confident because the asset he buys will be exchangeable (not all the time) as it is already on an exchange. Indeed, a large number of projects and their token/coin coming from ICO have never been able to find a platform for it to be exchanged.
There are more payment methods thanks to platforms. While an ICO generally offers very few possibilities, a platform is more likely to offer a multitude of them.

    • More speed/less cost:

As soon as the crypto is purchased, investors can directly retrieve his coin/token in his wallet. Furthermore, there are fewer costs because there are fewer transfer fees:

      • No transfer fees from the project to the investor’s wallet.
      • No transfer fees from the investor’s wallet to the wallet of the trading platform.
    • More security (but risks remain):

      • Before offering a coin or a token to its customers, platforms conducted investigations on the seriousness of the project upstream. They can’t take the risk of damaging their image by offering their customers to invest in a scam.
      • Fewer payments / distribution problems. Platforms can be seen as escrow accounts through which the customer is sure to obtain the purchased assets. On their side, the company/developpers and their project are sure to receive their funds.
      • Some projects require investors to submit to the KYC procedure. The platform can act as an intermediary and verify the identity of investors on behalf of the companies leading the IEO. No need to provide personal information to multiple entities.


IEO, by the improvements they propose, will perhaps gradually replace the ICOs that have seen their image degraded by scams. Let’s hope that the number of scams related to the financing of new projects will decrease accordingly.


  • How to participate to an IEO?

It’s very easy to participate to an IEO. Most of the time, you will just have to:

    • Register to the exchange.
    • Sometimes, pass the KYC procedure.
    • Deposit fiat money or crypto.
    • Buy the crypto of the IEO.


About this table:

  • Participate to this IEO!

Click the button to be redirected to the exchange in order to register and to participate to the IEO.

  • Exchange:

Name and logo of the exchange which propose the IEO.

  • Crypto description:

This column provides information, in few words, about the underlined project of the new crypto.


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